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So… Is it religion more important than Society Itself? Part I

Part I

In light of the Charlie Hebdo shooting (Jan 2015) where the assassins proclaimed they did it to avenge the Prophet, we have to bring the issue about religion and it’s role in our society again.

An already polarized world became more entangled in this religious fanaticism where three fractions seem to take the stage to get ready for a fight. Christians and associates, Muslims and associates and non Religious people and other groups that don’t follow any specific god or philosophy.

For the purpose of this writing I am going to live only 2 groups: Muslims and Christians and their respective affiliates and the non religious people.

The Non-Religious people Believes

The no religious group has established their beliefs in science and moral facts adherents a to our human condition.  We have accepted the moral values of the human society such as “You shall no Kill”  or “You Shall no Steal” . We are not waiting for some mysterious God to tell us that killing or stealing are bad. We, trough the study of human behavior have concluded that inside our human genome there are some values that we have to respect and live accordingly so we can function as a pac or social group, whatever you choose to call it. We have organized on groups, languages, colors and sex for the sole purpose of knowing what we are and find our place in this planet. The machinery that all this has implemented is far from perfect but make live livable just like the life of the zebras or the geese… Just life based on pure instinct but live any way.

We believe that the universe is infinite (or at least unreachable for humans now), that the universe has an order and as much as we are incapable to understand all the laws of physics that govern the space we respect that fact that they are there and behave in harmony one day after another. We have agreed that the chaos in the universe means just a cause and effect of things we don’t know yet or are beyond the reach of our human understanding since to get to the bottom of that barrel would mean to die or come out with technology that hasn’t been discovered yet.

All those things are out there for everybody to get a grasp off for free. Nobody is asking you to believe that the planet earth moves around the sun, it is a fact, but if you have decided that is is not ot that is is some kind of conspiracy theory, go ahead, nobody is going to come to you and put a gun in your head and ask you to believe or understand that.  After all, it is in our human nature to discover things and put them out there for the future generations. Humans made drawings of the nomadic lifestyle, their people, the sky and events that happened over there and were beyond their comprehension , hopping that one day the future generation would see them and add to them in the encyclopedia of life and science.

The Religious People Believes

On the other hand we have the people who’s more everlasting memory comes from the time when their God created them. In the name of that creator they have done things that we humans never thought possible. They have exterminated other groups not because they were hungry or because they coveted their land or their treasures, but because their god told them to do so for no reason other than the fact that they didn’t share their same believes.

if we have to name the atrocities that have been committed in the name of God we would have to make a list too long for the scope of the present writing. But let’s not blind ourselves pretending that all those things didn’t happen. Looting, murder, rape, slavery, torture and more had happen because one God “ask” them to do it on its name.

Beyond of all the claims related to the creation people have ignored blunt statements that fall into the irrational but have been justified to preserve the integrity of their book. One example could be in the bible when it claims God stopped the sun in the middle of the day and it didn’t moved for 24 hours. There some other inconsistencies that they have decided to ignore and have gone trough great length to make their book square.

What now?

… to be continued

So… it is Religion more important than society? Part II

Now What?

The murders at Charlie Hebdo are just an eye opener for all of us who dream with a more secular world. When Sam Harris said  that ‘Religion is the Mother load of Bad Ideas’ on Real Time with Bill Maher, it just exposed a truth that believers refuse to listen to. He was far from knowing that some muslims fanatics were going to massacre some people in the name of the prophet, and then they came along to prove his point.

Why doe any religion has to prevail over the next one? Isn’t  bad enough whatever they believe that they have to fight among them to prove which one has their God’s approval?  Is that a fight to prove that their God’s bowls or cojones are bigger than the other?… but many times the follow the same insane God and it is this insane God that is making them fight among themselves!. And like that is not enough, the come out to fight the people that has nothing to do with their believes or their craziness!.  They are not coming out to prove that science is wrong and that all the things we have discovered aren’t truth, they are here to force everybody into believe  whatever crazy shit they believe.

Here we are not making the argument against muslim religion and their phony prophet. They can have their religion and enjoy it any way they want. we are making the argument for the secularization of our society and about opposing any sharia law, whether is muslim or christian sharia law, but now we can see that the government, our government and its branches, have become  crusader for sharia law.

The first amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”  It is supposed to guarantee the freedom of believe and implies that the government would stay separated from religions as protect it’s citizens against other people believes.

When a congressman introduces a bill that is based on his religious believes, passes both chambers of congress and it is signed by the president… that it is called ‘Sharia Law’.  When a president is sworn on the bible  or any other religious book, he is a de facto defender of a sharia law.

Different lawmakers at the state and national level have proposed amendments to the law based solely on their believes. Such as the abortion law, or the health care law. Just like the laws allowing people to discriminate gays because their religious believes.

The Hobby Lobby case… makes my case. I don’t believe that the supreme court judges didn’t see or consider all the implications of their decision but they decided to overpass all possible arguments, not just because their conservative believes but because their religious believes too. There seems to be a very thin line between their conservative believes and the religious ones since at some points they seem to be one and the same.

When the supreme court denied the Obamacare claim granting Hobby Lobby religious rights in behalf of its owners it made Hobby Lobby a De Facto person, ignoring the fact that a corporation cannot have religious believes because the corporation has no God and no religious book or God makes claims as to  corporations being God’s sons. All corporations all governed by their bylaws and the country’s law and at the time of the corporation formation the law makes no religious requirements. Because corporations make business in the public domain they are born with  an statement of neutrality so they can’t discriminate against anyone when conducting business.

When the supreme court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and make them a person… not a moral person, but a physical person giving them religious right and for instance making them sons of God and for instance a parishioners, it made them as close as humans as it can be. So as humans they can not be owned by anyone because whoever owns a person becomes guilty of slavery.

All this argument here is just to show how the supreme court has enacted a new chapter of sharia law and at the same time how this kind of sharia law is a contradiction in itself unless we want to run the risk of having corporations as our equals and eventually have corporations getting elected for office and one day having more rights that humans… not to mention the lobbing power they already have over us.

Keeping the Balance

In life, I was telling a friend . The most important thing is to keep the balance. To find the middle ground between good and evil, power and redemption, wisdom and stupidity.  We can put something on the right hand and something else on the left hand like in a balance scale, and in the center it would be life itself telling us where our lives are going, to the right or to the left or weather it remain in balance.

An example I was using in that conversation was our ability to be an educated person, A cultured person and someone fun to be around. What I meant was, to be someone that reads and has the ability to tell good readings apart form the rest. A person that listen to music and is able to tell apart all of those that sing out of tune. and has developed the ability to discerns arts. A person that is constantly good at what it does in its life, call it work or school. and the person that lets his (her) hair down like there is no tomorrow.
this person lives a balance life. It’s not a nerd o a geeky person living a life inside that circle, afraid of the world, surrounded of false prejudices. It’s not a person that believes that rap has no room in the arts or thinking that to be call it art it has to look like a Velazques. It is not a person that goes to work, finishes it’s day, goes back to his (her) house, fucks his husband or wife goes to sleep and continues like that until the weekend when he goes home and drinks a six pack, fuck’s his husband or wife, watches tv, goes to sleep, takes the kids to the park and starts another week just like that. this person is not a person that has made the casino his second house, that lives most of his live at the bar and the weekends happen between watching TV with his friends and starting another round of beer.
The religion could be another example. We have the religions that are so permissive that they don’t bring any spiritual comfort the their groupies. There are some religions that interpret their sacred books literally to the T, and they turn them into a heavy cast that deforms the person making them a horrible monster fanatics inciting them to abject submission or aggressive radicalism. There are the other ones, the ones that distortion their sacred books beyond recognition and turn their followers into a monster fanatics inciting them to abject submission or aggressive radicalism. There is another group. This group believes that practicing martial arts would make the posses the most secret knowledge of the universe, that fighting makes the deep philosophers. The other ones too, the ones that starving themselves claim have acquired the knowledge of life… all of them hold the promise that doing what they do and staying between the limits of their teaching you will find a ticket to a new life, a life with more splendor that any life anyone has ever talked to you about, but in doing so people has forgotten to live this life, the life in this planet, the one that we can count for sure and nobody cal say that is just fantasy.
The Politics.
The politics of this planet had pushed people to think that they are different than the rest of the planet. They are wrong too. We have liberals and conservatives. communist and socialist. Capitalist, emerging economies, third world countries and first world countries. Religious governments and military governments Monarchies and more. All of them thinking that their war to govern is the right way and just like religions casting a burden over the rest of the population that doesn’t think the way they do.

To all this, All I have to say is “keep the Balance” don’t let your good get in the way of my political government and your politics in the way of my culture. Let’s not pretend that we hold the secrets of this universe and that our philosophy is the foundation of this universe… lets’ just assume that we are humans like everybody else and live a rewarding life for ever after.

Immigration Reform Part 2 (the players in the game)

It has been argue that immigration reform is almost impossible… and maybe it is.
The problem starts with the people who might have some interest in the legalization process, what they get and what they don’t want to give away. Lets start mentioning them by name… the more relevant ones to start.

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR)
This organization, La Razanational council of la raza,  has become a very large organization with a very broad agenda… it is true that they focus on the civil rights of the Hispanic immigrants, but it is also true that as they grew bigger they created a large gap between the people they represent and themselves.

La Raza Council has become more like another lobbying group  that serves as a platform for political gain.  Just like Reverend Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.

The La Raza Council understand that they get no political gain from the illegal immigrants, since they are just a number but have no vote power. They try to group all the smaller groups or associations to gain lobbying power for themselves. LA Raza serves a purpose as a voice for the smaller non-for profits scattered around the country   and when something good happens(like President Obama’s Executive Order on immigration) they are the voice of aproval, the face on tv, the ones that receive a phone call from the president andf the ones that make people more aware of the immigrants prescence in this country, but when it comes about getting dirty fighting for the illegals they can do anything but to watch. They don’t want to be perceived as the organization that spends all the donation fighting fort people that doesn’t have a legal status.