Immigration Reform Part 2 (the players in the game)

It has been argue that immigration reform is almost impossible… and maybe it is.
The problem starts with the people who might have some interest in the legalization process, what they get and what they don’t want to give away. Lets start mentioning them by name… the more relevant ones to start.

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR)
This organization, La Razanational council of la raza,  has become a very large organization with a very broad agenda… it is true that they focus on the civil rights of the Hispanic immigrants, but it is also true that as they grew bigger they created a large gap between the people they represent and themselves.

La Raza Council has become more like another lobbying group  that serves as a platform for political gain.  Just like Reverend Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.

The La Raza Council understand that they get no political gain from the illegal immigrants, since they are just a number but have no vote power. They try to group all the smaller groups or associations to gain lobbying power for themselves. LA Raza serves a purpose as a voice for the smaller non-for profits scattered around the country   and when something good happens(like President Obama’s Executive Order on immigration) they are the voice of aproval, the face on tv, the ones that receive a phone call from the president andf the ones that make people more aware of the immigrants prescence in this country, but when it comes about getting dirty fighting for the illegals they can do anything but to watch. They don’t want to be perceived as the organization that spends all the donation fighting fort people that doesn’t have a legal status.

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