So… it is Religion more important than society? Part II

Now What?

The murders at Charlie Hebdo are just an eye opener for all of us who dream with a more secular world. When Sam Harris said  that ‘Religion is the Mother load of Bad Ideas’ on Real Time with Bill Maher, it just exposed a truth that believers refuse to listen to. He was far from knowing that some muslims fanatics were going to massacre some people in the name of the prophet, and then they came along to prove his point.

Why doe any religion has to prevail over the next one? Isn’t  bad enough whatever they believe that they have to fight among them to prove which one has their God’s approval?  Is that a fight to prove that their God’s bowls or cojones are bigger than the other?… but many times the follow the same insane God and it is this insane God that is making them fight among themselves!. And like that is not enough, the come out to fight the people that has nothing to do with their believes or their craziness!.  They are not coming out to prove that science is wrong and that all the things we have discovered aren’t truth, they are here to force everybody into believe  whatever crazy shit they believe.

Here we are not making the argument against muslim religion and their phony prophet. They can have their religion and enjoy it any way they want. we are making the argument for the secularization of our society and about opposing any sharia law, whether is muslim or christian sharia law, but now we can see that the government, our government and its branches, have become  crusader for sharia law.

The first amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”  It is supposed to guarantee the freedom of believe and implies that the government would stay separated from religions as protect it’s citizens against other people believes.

When a congressman introduces a bill that is based on his religious believes, passes both chambers of congress and it is signed by the president… that it is called ‘Sharia Law’.  When a president is sworn on the bible  or any other religious book, he is a de facto defender of a sharia law.

Different lawmakers at the state and national level have proposed amendments to the law based solely on their believes. Such as the abortion law, or the health care law. Just like the laws allowing people to discriminate gays because their religious believes.

The Hobby Lobby case… makes my case. I don’t believe that the supreme court judges didn’t see or consider all the implications of their decision but they decided to overpass all possible arguments, not just because their conservative believes but because their religious believes too. There seems to be a very thin line between their conservative believes and the religious ones since at some points they seem to be one and the same.

When the supreme court denied the Obamacare claim granting Hobby Lobby religious rights in behalf of its owners it made Hobby Lobby a De Facto person, ignoring the fact that a corporation cannot have religious believes because the corporation has no God and no religious book or God makes claims as to  corporations being God’s sons. All corporations all governed by their bylaws and the country’s law and at the time of the corporation formation the law makes no religious requirements. Because corporations make business in the public domain they are born with  an statement of neutrality so they can’t discriminate against anyone when conducting business.

When the supreme court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby and make them a person… not a moral person, but a physical person giving them religious right and for instance making them sons of God and for instance a parishioners, it made them as close as humans as it can be. So as humans they can not be owned by anyone because whoever owns a person becomes guilty of slavery.

All this argument here is just to show how the supreme court has enacted a new chapter of sharia law and at the same time how this kind of sharia law is a contradiction in itself unless we want to run the risk of having corporations as our equals and eventually have corporations getting elected for office and one day having more rights that humans… not to mention the lobbing power they already have over us.

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