The Appeal of Donald Trump to the Ignorant and Stupid

For many americans been politically correct has become a problem. There are many things people can’t say because they are afraid and in a sense it has limited our capacity to communicate. It is true, that our society has shaped our vocabulary because we became abusive and intransigente. That’s why we can say “Black People”, instead we have to say “African Americans”. We are afraid of saying that somebody is “fat” because we don’t want to hurt such person’s sensitiveness. Instead we have to say that “she is Curvy” or that he has “Some Extra Pound”. The list just goes on and on.
We can say that linguistically speaking we have lost our freedom. We want to be able to say what we want without been afraid of getting interrupted to make us aware that we are been politically incorrect, but the millions of people that abused that freedom ruined for the rest of us.
At the end of the day, we don’t care. We have so many other was to express what we want to say that it is ok for us, we can survive with those limitations. It is for the abusers, the ones that raised their voices too loud, those are the ones that want to say things but they can’t. merely because they are afraid of what the rest would say.
For the stupid and ignorant Donald trump is a hero. here they found a voice that can speak for them and flap his jaws without any remorse, absurdly unapologetic. Those are the people that support him and encourage his behavior. Because he can say things that they might be truth in some context but here in his speeches they sound like a general true statement. For instance… It is true that some immigrants from mexico are rapist. it’s that a general statement? does it apply to every person that crossed the border? Certainly not! Most of the people that crossed the border illegally from mexico have families and a job. many of them have businesses and many of them you would never guess they came here illegally. But now we have all the descendants of the almost extinct Tea Party getting excited because someone is voicing what they didn’t have the courage to say.
many people think hi is right when he said that Sen John McCain is not a hero. All of them applauded and cheered him because all of the sudden somebody has say what they thought off but didn’t have the bowls to say it. The never stopped to think that if it is true that getting caught doesn’t make you a hero, Going straight beyond the enemy line, risking your life and surviving the ordeal makes you a hero. All those things Donald Trump never had a chance to experience because he was to busy trying to pull the silver spoon that he got stuck way up in his us so he could scratch his ass with it.
So, as far a we are concerned he is going to continue to talk the way he’s been doing it as long as the crowd continues cheering him. Some other are following suit because they just found out that people likes this kind of stupidity. people like Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz are not going to stop for nothing. They are going to offend anybody that they think needs to be offended just to attract the crowd that Donald Trump is attracting right now. You are going to see them embracing causes the likes of the confederate flag because there is a political gain in doing so. They are going to continue been loud and bold. Donald Trump is going to pick up more steam, and if the members of the GOP don’t act fast and expel him he is going to become a leading force inside his party.
Before we have Sara Palin. She was the voice of the ignorant. She, at the rythm of “drill Baby drill” Arouse and brought out the radical extremist that eventually gave life to the Tea Party. The country was involved in a blanket of extremism the even the KKK came out of the shadows tho show their support. Now Donald Trump has inherited that flag and at the rythm of stupidity he’s leading the country again into an escalade of violence that one day is going the come out of hand with consequences that we can only guess at best.

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