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Self care! A case for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@ocasio2018) twitted her need for self care time the conservatives went nuts and started treating her like she was a spoiled winning little girl not knowing that self care is a basic human need. It is not just a woman thing, any human needs time for self care.
   Ocasio-Cortez is not the inventor or creator of the concept of self care. As Elaine Olen from the Washington post already explained here, self care has deep roots in the american culture, though in some other culture there is an old tradition of saunas and massages, such as the eastern European countries. The Russian Banya for example or the turkish Hamam where man went to relax and get massaged. In america (meaning the continent from Alaska to Chile) exist the 'Temascal' which is more or less an sauna for medicinal purposes.
   Many time a trend may elude me just because the fact that I spend so little time on Facebook or Snapchat but I got a back and forth with my friend Julie Heinz when she posted a story on Facebook mentioning her need for a self care time, so, when I heard Ocasi-Cortez talking about it, I knew right away what she was talking about. After the conversation with Julie, a realized that the self care trend is mostly a liberal issue. conservatives do the same thing, but they call it many other ways. The concept of "self Care"is basically a liberal issue, and that is why conservative pundits reacted so quick to @Ocasio2018 comment.
   Now, as I mentioned before, She is not the creator of the concept, but in this instance she has had a hold of the pennant and ran with it and that make her a leader in thet subject for the time been. She mentioned how bad she need a face mask with a couple cucumbers and a towel wrapped around her head. Probably that includes some exfoliation, manicure and eyebrows as well as a deep massage. Her diet is a plus! Back to the veggies and avoid dead animals as much as possible and the Yoga!
   No, I am not been sarcastic about all of this. I truly believe that this is a basic human need and it should be included in the "Health Care for all"plan so people can have this things the same way that the can take an aspirin when they have a headache. So the yoga!
   Yoga, in the ancient times was a way to meditate and every different position had a purpose in the practice of meditation. The yoga that we practice now days has evolved more into some kind of sport or a workout routine putting aside any mental or spiritual aspect of it. and that is way I am recommending miss Alexandria (or congresswoman elected Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @Ocasio2018) to include some kind of meditation in her schedule. Not just for this self care time but in her everyday schedule... she really deeds it!
   She hasn't fight any round yet of this the 24 first rounds of her political career and she has thrown so many punches already! Meditating before the fight would give her the insight to have mental control when the fight starts and that way follow the advice of her corner.

And here I insert this (which for a an agnostic person could sound hypocritical)

Hebrews 12:11

Because no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.

A lesson on boxing now! 
 Everyone needs to know a little bit about boxing if you are planing in making a living of politics, and in your case you need to know whether what happened to you was a "sparring gone wrong" or true skills (click here for an example) . You KO a champion but you don't know if that was a lucky punch or your real skills.
 Every boxer needs to master a technique based in their natural skills. For example, she needs to decide whether she is going to be a Swarmer, Out-Boxer or Slugger.  . All of them can win you the championship but very rarely a boxer can be both. Once your trainer evaluate your skills then you can decide if you are going to a be: Julio Cesar Chavez, Floyd Mayweather or Mike Tyson.

   When you responded to Alex Shapiro : "Just like catcalling, I don’t owe a response to unsolicited requests from men with bad intentions.And also like catcalling, for some reason they feel entitled to one." That answer was very intelligent and measured... all you needed a that point was to keep your mouth shut. But no, the response you got back from your crowd gave you a sugar rush and then you started answering a every cat caller out in the street. Which make me thing of something "DO NOT FOLLOW THE MAGA GUY STEPS" a) you don't have to take off running every time somebody says 'squirrel!'. b) tell your truth with out offending the other party and c) don't make enemies from inside your allies: I mean, you came after the election trowing punches right and left and demanded your own territory! it is ok... it's just too early. For somebody that has never fought a real fight you still need to come over and kiss couple rings, the protection of those old dogs would give you time and exposure to gain real experience and the fight for your territory. Look at THE MAGA guy! made plenty of enemies very fast, a fool of himself and gain nothing in the process.

You think that Nancy Pelosi is too old to be a leader?... Take on meditation, meditate, get to know yourself and then comeback.

Border wall... Please let him build it!

A whole election was won on the promise that the new president would build a wall alongside th Mexican border, and so far there is no signs os such a wall being built.
The Trump administration has said that the wall is being built in a form of improvements and fix, but we all know that that is not what he promised... It is more like a kid saying "it didn't hurt" after he felt.
Many people has gone over all the things that makes it impossible to complete this project, but we will still mention some of them to put things in context. for instance, we have to bring back the 2017 border patrol budget... 13.7 billion... cost of the wall? around 20 billion. That is without mentioning that the wall has to be protected from been destroyed, has to be maintained and repair
   If the cost of building thee wall upsets that of the border patrol budget, the we could just build the wall and fire the roughly 30 thousand people that agency employs. Then, all that people can take the jobs that all the illegals come here ton steal from them. Maintaining the wall and implementing technology to prevent people from crossing will cost a fraction of the actual budget.
 The government could implement a program to re train all that personal so they can fulfill all the vacancies in the farming industry, the service sector and some other like construction. maybe they coul even displace the other 11 million illegals here in the country. I am positive that when they find impossible to fin a job at a factory or landscaping they eventually will go back to their country of origin, giving back all the jobs they have been stealing from the American labor force.

The other solution is to leave things the way they are and build the wall, then increase the budget of the border patrol agency so they can protect the wall and rebuild it... maybe in the future even build a second wall to protect the first one... as long as the American people wants to spend their money why should the rest of the world care... that's the american people's wish,...  let them build their wall!

To all those Republican that claim to be so religious I have this to say"

‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? To keep kicking against the goads* makes it hard for you.’
                                                                                                                  Acts of Apostles

Immigration Reform chapter One

This is the first post about immigration reform that I’ll be posting in this blog. Feel free to add your comments and links.

Yesterday I was twitting about why nobody was talking about the immigration reform and today, fortunately someone ask that question to President Obama and he seemed to have some answers.

In the past legislation was passed to resolve this issue. In the early 2000’s a law was pass to grant permanent residence to those who have a family here in the Unites States (meaning husband, wife or parents) or whose employer was willing to sponsor them. At that time I saw many people getting married to a USA citizen just to obtain the residence and I saw many employers sponsoring employees that have no roots in this country, people who comes in the summer and lives in the winter. I saw many other that have been here for long time, people that own small business, houses, have kids that are citizens, speaks English, many times has higher education, but they could not claim residence under those circumstances because their employer wouldn’t sponsor them or they were afraid to open up and talk to their employers for fear of been denied and losing their job at the same time… That’s how now we have millions of illegal immigrants living in the shadow.

Most people tend to believe that all the illegal immigrants are from Mexico, it is true that they are the biggest group but there are illegal immigrants from all over the world… Many of the times, because they are educated or because the country where they come from, people don’t believe they are illegally here. 

Love in the Obama’s era

We are now in the 21 century, we elected the first black president and the idea that we never been to the moon doesn’t matter anymore… but the time for love is still to come. There’s never been a Martin Luther King for love. The first love revolution jumped from woman to men, white on white, Latino on Latino, black on black to gay and lesbian love.

    All dating sites ask you what is your ethnicity and what ethnicity you would like to date. It might make sense since the point of view of the database to narrow a search but at the same time the same time it destroys the basics of human nature, where we date someone based primary by the way they look, before we thought of races. At the beginning the questions was, are you black or white? Then they change it to what is your ethnicity? White/Caucasian, Black, Latino/Spanic , Asian, Middle Eastern, Other. Let’s say that you want to date an Italian man or woman, are you going to call it white? What kind of with are you going to get, an Italian or a Polish, what about Spanish, Cubans or Argentineans or Uruguayans. They are whites and Spanish. I’m not going to list all the possible combination but I hope you get the point. Just try to classify Jennifer Lopes or Ricky Martin, what are they, Spanish or white or Mediterranean?

    Where I want to get is to the fact that when is about love, we still see the world in white and black. That when I see and add and somebody say that they are looking for an Spanic male I don’t know if they are looking for somebody like Ricky Martin or Cheech Marin. Both options leave me out of the game, especially since I am a mix of both. If I say that I don’t like black woman, I would be killing my chances of dating Halle Berry… nay way, this discussion is pointless and dead since we came to the era of gay marriage before we could settle our differences about race and color. Gays and lesbians don’t care about all those issues because they don’t want to put stale food on their table; they leave it for us so we can petty about ourselves and our petty problems. They are bringing their issues to the Supreme Court while I’m still crying over a blond that doesn’t date Mexicans because doesn’t know how to bring it to her parents and their suburban thanksgiving celebration… well, that is just a figure of speech.

    What are we going to learn? This society is eventually going to legalize gay marriage before we learn how to love without any barriers or preconceive ideas. In a way we can say that gay marriage will come before is the right time, but there is never a right time… it will come to this world like a premature baby or maybe like a prodigy baby… and the other love, the one that doesn’t see color or races will come as soon as our generation dies and with us all the deformities that our grandparents put in this society and we never knew how to shake from our backs, tired of carrying the baggage of thousands of years of human evolution.

An Oil Malady…

It is just the year 2008 since we learn how to track time. Out of those 2008 years, 1000 where spent by humankind doing nothing, 800 discovering the world an ourselves and only the last 200 years transforming the world around us in the name of progress.

    The success of the industrial revolution was based on the increased discovery of oil reserves and new uses for its byproducts. Now we can see how almost every industry depends on oil one way or another. Cultures that practice traditional agriculture are submerged in poverty and traditional manufacturing has no place in this economy where is imperative to have a surplus production to be sold outside in the international market in order to generate the necessary revenue to grow and generate employment in a constant circle that makes oil demand bigger and bigger every day, specially as other countries struggle to grow and become part of this industrialized society.

The modern households had changed accordingly, going from burning wood to kerosene and then gas and electricity. Most of the things that we can afford as a society

Human transportation changed its own habits too, and seem like there is a worldwide fever to possess a car. Nobody wants to use the public transportation if they can avoid it. The mere idea of taking the bus or the train for a weekend trip with the family seems insulting and sometimes even a mile walk to the store seems obscene and unbearable.

At the time I started writing this post the whole country was watching in horror how the oil prices were escalating to levels never seen before. This crisis made people realize the need of a different source of energy, an alternative to fossil fuels and they realized that technology needed a change too… At that time I just wanted to make a point about the very bad short term memory this society has. I wanted to predict how everything was going to be forget as soon as the prices of crude went down… and they went down, and we forgot.

An election day… what about the day after?

The famous play “Inherit the wind” byJerome LawrenceandRobert Edwin Lee,basedon Proverbs 11:29 He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind:and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart represent in a clear way the electoral process of the united states between Barack Obama and John McCain.

In the play, a progressive school professor who teaches evolution is ostracized by the town’s people for teaching science and he was brought to trial to make it legal. He hired a famous lawyer who defended cases like his before and the the town was represented for a lawyer recommended by the church…

Well, you have to watch the movie or read the play… The church and their lawyer prevent the other attorney from using any science book or the constitution nor even the Bible in defending his client… even like that they loose and at the end a frustrated and delirious church lawyer, unable to defend his position cries out the books of the Pentateuch… Genesis! Exodus! Leviticus! Numbers! Deuteronomy! On his knees, alone, deserted… even by his closest followers and supporters.

Another analogy would be Mortimer Dukecrying out in despair: Turn on the machines! open the market again! in frustration while his brother was taken on a gurney in the movie “Trading Places” … that is how a picture John McCain on the night of November 4 after the elections on his knees screaming; open the polls! Wait one more hour, wait!

Let’s get back to Proverbs 11:29 it reads:

He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the windland the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.

Now that the presidential campaign has come to a point where each party would do or say anything to gain one more vote, we have found ourselves immerse in the politics of hate. Nobody stops to think about what has been said. All of the sudden we found ourselves as being black, white, Hispanics… etc. The words of an ambitious politician has made us self conscious again of the more primitive differences in this society… differences we thought were left behind at least one generation ago. In the past, people really believed that humans with dark skin were inferior and behind in the evolution chain. Five decades ago a signs reading “No dogs or Mexicans allowed” (or “No Mexicans or dogs allowed”) were placed in some restaurants in Texas. The civil rights movement took care of all that… now Sara Palin came and in her ambition to be vice-president wiped all that off and put the seed of hate in all Americans heart, because when the politicians have not a defined agenda, the only weapon they have is nationalism, patriotism, Racisism, and they don’t hesitate in using all that because they want power.

Now the crowds are angry and their God is blood thirsty. Now we don’t remember the times when we used to call brother to a complete strange wearing a different tone of ski. All because just an ambitious politician put that seed in our brains, and when we left the rally we didn’t go home thinking “well, I guess I have to vote for this candidate” no, we went home thinking how to get revenge, destroy, expel all those who don’t agree or don’t look like us. They went home saying “The white house belongs to me… he has no right to take something that is mine… not a Niger!

I won’t mention any names because what has been said today will be repeated by the other political party tomorrow. But we need to learn how far it is ok to go when we address the crowd. We need to learn that our words can gain us the position we are looking for but we can do a lot of damage to a brittle society. It is not ok to put incendiary thoughts in people’s minds without taking responsibility for our words. Hitler tried that before and it did work… we know now that it is not right, that we all are humans and have equal rights.

It took many generations to heal the wounds of racial profiling. We know now that it takes several generations to heal the wounds that one person or group can inflict to society so let’s all be careful not to troubleth his own house… or we shall inherit the wind… This blog is just a message to all those republicans out there eager to win an election.

The Latino Vote doesn’t Exist.

When I say that I don’t mean to diminish any Latino or Hispanic, I just meant they are not what Americans think of them… by Americans I meant ‘American politicians”.

            In this country there are three classes of Latinos: the illegal ones, the ones that have found it very difficult to get integrated to this society and the ones that have been assimilated. Which ones of these three are they talking about when they talk about the Latino Vote?

            Let’s see. Giuliani idea of winning the Latino vote was flooding Florida with advertising in Spanish, Ted Kennedy was singing in Spanish, George Bush brought some Mexican singers to his campaign in LA mumbled some words in Spanish “como esta amigou?” I think (by the way Vicente Fernandez the singer at that event need the singing crash course… three hours would do) and his nephew (Jeff’s son) gave an speech in Spanish.

            All that reminds me of the old times (or maybe actual times) when the Mexican politician brought thousands of people to their political rallies with the promise of  giving them lunch (a torta, a soda and an orange)… over time it became a tradition and a symbol  of political campaigning in Mexico. Those were the famous “acarreados”  or the “carried ones” and many of them voted for that politician because they felt they have to pay that way for the lunch that they received.

            When it comes to romancing the Latino vote in America seems like they have read the same book than their Mexican counterparts. They show to those events surrounded by a bunch of mariachis and bark couple words in Spanish and then talk about immigration and farm labor … but all those things are of importance only for the illegal immigrants, and they don’t vote.


            The are some other issues that are important like the low education levels in the Spanish population, deserting school, teen pregnancy, early marriage, woman abuse, religious intolerance, etc. those are the things the politician should be talking about when campaigning the Latino populated areas, but they don’t because they are afraid of offending sensitivities. This group of people doesn’t care really. They display his apathy by not voting or voting for whomever brings more mariachis or calls tem “amigous”… most of them have no interest in participating in the American politics.

            The third group is crowded with educated people, business people, students, activists, celebrities, and Mexican descendants from the time when Texas belonged to Mexico or newer generations. This people have made their mind base on their own analysis of the American politics, the economy, their values and they vote either Republican or Democrat… Look at Bill Richardson… a democrat with an American agenda or Mel Martinez… a Republican with an American agenda too.

Jeremiah Wright… A place in History?

I’ll start saying that I like Reverend Jeremiah Wright. I just mean that he seems to be a nice person and probably a very good pastor for those who might need his spiritual advice or support. Same as millions of Americans, I don’t know much about him but the couple of YouTube video clips that everybody has seen (most probably courtesy of Hillary Clinton) and his two appearances on TV… and that is what I want to talk about.  For some reason I thought of the Nicaraguan poet Ernesto cardinal yesterday while I was watching the reverend’s speech. I thought of Ernesto’s poem “Cuidate Claudia”

Be careful, Claudia, 
when you’re with me, 
because the slightest gesture, 
any word, a sigh 
a minor oversight, 
perhaps one day 
will be examine by scholars 
And this dance Claudia 
might be remembered for centuries 
Claudia… I’m telling you.

I wonder if Jeremiah Wright is conscious of the place that he was taking in history.  Seems to me that thirty years ago the tickets he bought were for upper balcony seats, and at the end of the show he found himself sitting in the first row wondering how did this happen?  Or maybe just like a basket ball player finds himself with the ball in his hands a second before the game is over… what do I do now?Same as thousand of people across the country, I followed yesterday’s (Sunday, April 27, 2008) speech with curios attention. Not just about what he would say on his relationship with Barack Obama, but wondering, what does this man have to say to the world?  Why he didn’t say anything before? What makes him deserve national attention all of the sudden? There are dozens or maybe hundreds of pastors just like Reverend Jeremiah Wright in the United States, and I know for certain that they are no different from one another. I have had my share of black gospel on TV and I have dropped in from time to time to a black church just to see what is going on… so I can say with certainty that they don’t differ from one another by much… just some differences in the show, the people on stage, the choir, the band and the gesticulation are different, but the spirit is the same. So the question is what makes Reverend Jeremiah Wright different? Some people had become famous for free, not having to do anything.  An example would be Paris Hilton who’s only merit was to be born into the Hilton family or Nicole Richie who’s only merit was to be friends with Paris.  Well, Jeremiah Wright was the pastor of the church where Barack Obama went from time to time. Now we know that Barack Obama didn’t listen to the pastor because he said that “if he had listened he would have distanced himself from the church”.  So, he went to that church but he didn’t listen to the sermons, just like most Sunday churchgoers… but the reverend is now a celebrity.The NAACP awarded the reverend because he is the “hottest brother”. Isn’t that the most lame reason ever heard of?  If Barack Obama never attended that church, would the reverend still be awarded?     Like most people, I wasn’t taken by surprise by the sardonic sarcasm he used in his effort to look smart, his defiant position, his allegory, his poor use of somebody else’s studies (Do you speak American? by Robert MacNeil and William Cran), and surprisingly, his simplistic view of the African American culture and religious tradition.He wasn’t asking people to take him at face value, but to take him “as is”. He didn’t show to the world anything that we didn’t know … or maybe something, he showed to us that he hasn’t earned the position he is taking right now… if I am wrong, he will use this position to propel himself to a place in history… if I am right, tomorrow nobody is going to remember him… not even his name.