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Spotting a teaser

It is almost a tragedy when somebody fall in love for a person that is only playing. The most difficult part is to spot that person and realize that she or he its only playing or teasing other might call it.


There are many people that crave attention. For that king of person, attention is like a trophie that they can collect.They have hundreds of follower on twitter and some more on facebook. They post updates all the time mostly os things that have no importance whatsoever such as I"I have the cold" or "I want pancakes". Whenever they can they establish contact with the followers and the conversation goes into the personal making the other person believe that there is the remote chance that they will meet and something might spark. But no, nothing will spark because when things hget hot they just simply disappear and focus their attention to other person.


This kind of situation goes on and on every day in chat rooms and social media.specially the social media that is anonymous like Instragram or Twitter. Some social media venues like Google+ and Facebook are more personal and this kind of people tends to avoid them because the people there is more likely to know them.. If you happen to be involved in this kind of relationship you are going to get hurt a little, but at the end of the day you'll realize that it was only a game and you lost... nothing major.


The real problem is when you are flirting with somebody that you know, somebody who is real person and not just a name in a chat room or a handle on twitter. The person you know has a body language and a voice. It knows how to provoke you and wants you close... just not to close.

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